Study prepared by TRL for the European Commission

ABIMOTA has participated, through CONEBI, in sharing information in order to contribute to this study prepared by TRL for the European Commission. This collaboration by the various countries of the Union has now culminated in this report, which presents the study carried out.

This Study was prepared by the TRL ( to the European Commission on market development and road safety related risks for category L vehicles and new personal mobility devices.

TRL was invited by the European Commission to conduct a study on market development and the safety of personal mobility devices (PMDs) and category L vehicles.

The objectives of this study were:

  1. provide an inventory of the various types of personal mobility devices available on the market,
  2. provide a detailed analysis of the market and the influence of existing legislation at EU and national level,
  3. provide a collection and evaluation of available data and information on accidents involving personal mobility devices,
  4. assess the current use and safety aspects related to the road circulation of personal mobility devices not covered by EU type-approval,
  5. and provide recommendations in relation to the minimum technical safety requirements that they would have to comply with and the traffic rules, that is, rules of use and behavior, to which they could be subject.

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