Polisport expands market reach with Catlike helmets

CARREGOSA, Portugal - The Polisport Group took over the Spanish brand of premium cycling helmets Catlike. The Portuguese helmet manufacturer will now act exclusively for the development, industrialization, production, sales and promotion of the Catlike brand and products.

"This acquisition allows us to strengthen our product range in the high-end cycling market," wrote Polisport in the statement announcing the acquisition, without disclosing the amount involved in the acquisition. "Incorporating a brand like Catlike in our team and portfolio strengthens us. We are convinced that we can relaunch the brand and take it to the next level," said the CEO and president ofPolisport,Pedro Araújo. "We are very proud, committed and will do our best, for sure establishing a new route for Catlike."

Catlike production stopped in 2019

Catlike was founded in 1996 by Pepe del Ramo. The brand was very successful and built a distribution network in more than 50 countries. In July 2019, they had to announce a complete halt to their production and rethink their future. Eventually, this resulted in a multisport takeover.

"We are now busy preparing to resume mass production and guarantee the availability of helmets stock during the second half of 2021," revealed Polisport. "A schedule for all helmet availability will be released soon. As for the other products, the portfolio will be defined and aligned according to the global strategy of the Catlike brand.

Polisport global distribution

Today,the Polisport Group já have a sóread presenceçthe in the factory markethereo related products àindútwo-wheeled industry.Thanks to its focus on internationalization, innovation and customer service, the group has been expanding its customer base and market presence to more than 72 countries. This gave them a strong position in children's bicycle seats, as well as bicycle accessories and off-road motorcycles. The company exports 98% of its production and has 9 brands in its portfolio. Today, Polisport employs more than 500 people in 7 companies, almost covering the entire production process.

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