Two wheels: More than € 3M return in the media

A study developed by Manchete evaluated the sector's return, obtained in the national press in 2020, at more than three million Euros. More than half of this value refers to Portugal Bike Value.

Manchete - by Carma, is a company that provides monitoring services (clipping) and analysis of information in all forms of local, regional, national and international media, be it press, broadcast (TV & radio), online, blogs or social networks (social media).

The results obtained refer to EVS studies carried out for the national sector, focusing on the ABIMOTA and Portugal Bike Value brands. And it only analyzed the news published in the national and regional press.

The EVS (Smart Value Equivalent) corresponds to the total equivalent space occupied in advertising written, or issued, at list price. The headline calculates the EVS by counting the total space of the news, crossing it with the value of the advertising space of the publication.

With 75 news items monitored in 2020, Portugal Bike Value was present in 40 media outlets. The highest number of news was recorded in November, representing 28% of the total news monitored. Of the total news, 67% were published in online media, 24% in television media and 9% in written press media. The totality of Portugal Bike Value news resulted in an EVS worth € 1.598.832,00.

ABIMOTA and the sector vom 203 news published in 2020 was present in 85 media. Of the total news, 70% were published online, 23% in the written press and 7% on television. The totality of the news resulted in an EVS of € 3.045.301.

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