Portuguese bicycles: More than 424 million euros of exports in 2020

Despite the stop caused by the confinement from March to May last, the Portuguese two-wheel sector maintained its growth trend, with an increase of five percent. The production effort and the bet on higher value products explain the growth in an adverse year.

Despite 2020 having everything to be a bad year, forecasts pointed to optimistic numbers in the closing of the accounts for last year. It is true that the two-wheel sector has stopped, as has practically the entire industry, but it is equally certain that the figures recorded up to the middle of March and throughout the second semester pointed to an encouraging closure.

Two thousand and twenty started well, with the demand of foreign markets making production grow with values ​​in the order of 110 percent. With the reopening of the market, Portuguese companies resumed production, with growth values ​​in the order of 90 percent and growing in the last quarter, again with values ​​above 110 percent.

These are explained by the strong demand, but also by the production of vehicles of greater value, whether bicycles or electric bicycles (e-bikes).

“The sector continues to grow, despite the good numbers in 2019, in which Portugal was the largest bicycle producer in Europe, and despite the stoppage of almost three months, we managed to close the year with a positive balance of five percent. These numbers contributed to the efforts of the companies, which were working in a counter-cycle and with “brutal” growth in the production effort, but also in the bet on the production of higher value bicycles and with greater technology integration, as is the case electric bicycles. ” Says Gil Nadais, Secretary General of ABIMOTA.

"These figures are the best possible balance we can make regarding the sector's internationalization project, Portugal Bike Value." Shoot the Secretary-General of the association that represents the two wheels.

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