Post-Brexit regulations in the UK for the bicycle industry

We send information about post-Brexit regulations to the UK regarding the Bicycle Industry sent by BAGB - Bicycle Association of Great Britain

For clarification to the industry in general on these issues, BAGB has published a brief guide entitled "Post-Brexit regulations: product safety / standards, UKCA mark, UK-EU Rules of Origin ”.


A brief summary:

  • Product safety and standards: European product safety directives continue to be applied in Great Britain with minor changes to remove EU references (and for example, to implement the UKCA mark instead of the CE mark). For products like bicycles and e-bikes, compliance remains a self-declaration process and the same standards as before will be used.
  • The UKCA Mark: The United Kingdom will use its own mark (UKCA) to replace the EU CE conformity mark to show that the products comply with all relevant GB product safety laws. The CE mark can still be used until December 2021. In addition, there will be a UK Declaration of Conformity, similar to the EU Declaration of Conformity.
  • Rules of origin for zero tariffs: Goods can be moved between GB and EU at zero tariffs, but only if they “originate” from the United Kingdom or the EU.

Please check the link for the definition of “origin”.

In general, slightly divergent rules apply to Northern Ireland. Please check the link above for all details.

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