On Wheels with the Environment

Concerns about the environment are increasingly a constant in our lives and the adoption of best practices in our daily tasks is essential. 

Whenever we analyze our impact on the environment, it is inevitable not to think about how we move from one place to another. Without a doubt, the bicycle is one of the most sustainable means of transport. 

Cycling not only protects the environment, it protects us because we are promoting a healthy lifestyle and promoting our health and well-being. 

In addition, the pandemic that we all face today, helped us to change mentalities and create new habits and desires. As a result of this change, over the past year we have seen the growth of the bicycle sector. 

But now, environmental concerns on the part of consumers are not just about changing from a more polluting means of transport to a less polluting one, they are also looking to make the products they buy environmentally sustainable. 

The challenge is thus launched for companies that produce bicycles, they must be companies with sustainable development, they must become greener companies and meet what the market is looking for. 

And how can they do that? Through new manufacturing techniques, new materials used, new perspectives using recycling / recovery of end-of-life bicycle components, among other actions. 

Any company that wants to grow in a sustainable way has to include the Environment in its choices, in its decisions, in its policy and thus reduce its carbon footprint. 

Prepared by trainer / consultant Engª Elisa Sá, PhD in Sciences and Environmental Engineer by the University of Aveiro.
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