2020 a good year

Evaluate as "good", a year in which we were stopped, confined, prevented from being with those we like, in which even Christmas has to be celebrated in order to respond to the needs of isolation, which the measures to combat COVID19 require, it may seem strange. However, if we look at the 366 days of 2020, we see that not everything was bad and that it is possible to look at “the glass half full”.

This was mainly a year of new challenges, one of those years in which we had to look from the outside, let go of problems and look at our companies, at our markets and ask ourselves “how are we going to win?”

I think we all understand the challenges and look for the strengths and strategies to overcome them and keep jobs and contribute positively to the national economy. We have to understand that each company, each job is a generator of wealth and accept the challenges that were and will certainly be launched.

We had almost two months of break, but we are in full recovery. Despite all the obstacles, which we had and will certainly have to overcome, our sectors are strong and registering growth, with the two-wheel sector being an example for everyone.

November was a fundamental month for both wheels. The Portugal Bike Value project won the EEPA awards and in this way Portugal and the sector, had widespread recognition throughout Europe, of the work that has been done in favor of smooth mobility and in this field the Portuguese industries are a good example for Europe and the rest of the world, I dare to say.

For all these reasons, I look with hope for 2021 that I am sure that it will be a good year and that with the lessons and strength, so often difficult to gather, of 2020, we will have everything so that this new year will be much better… or not we were Portuguese.

Gil Nadais - Secretary General of ABIMOTA

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