Elections Social Bodies 2021/2022 ABIMOTA

The Ordinary General Assembly took place last December 10, at the headquarters of ABIMOTA, to elect new governing bodies for the 2021/2022 biennium.

This election, carried out after the change of statutes made, gives ABIMOTA a different structure and a performance that is intended to be more global for all the sectors it represents. Having created 4 vice - presidencies, there is a clear demand to respond to each of the sectors represented by ABIMOTA, 2 Wheels, Hardware, Furniture and the like.

A list of candidates for suffrage was presented, which follows on from the previous directions, in which the Presidency continues to be assumed by João Miranda, representative of the company Miranda and Irmão, although there is the entry of new entrepreneurs for the social bodies that, we are certain will contribute to an even more fruitful action by ABIMOTA.

The list was put to the vote unanimously. The leadership took office immediately after the election.

So that you can get to know all who are part of ABIMOTA's social bodies for the 2021 - 2022 biennium, we put Here the elected list.

Exn Pub
Cpl3 Pub
Iba Pub