ABIMOTA started in 2019 a new IPAC Accreditation cycle that runs until 2023.

2020 is a remarkable year as ABIMOTA celebrates 25 years of Accreditation, having received the concession in November 1995, one year after the inauguration of the LEA.

The 2020 IPAC Assessment, which took place on the 22nd; 23; October 27th and 28th, involved 6 Evaluators and a total of 7 Evaluation days.

Currently, ABIMOTA already has a range of more than 5 hundred tests and calibrations within the scope of accreditation, which allows a very wide range of responses to our customers' problems.

25 years of accreditation give us the strength to continue and face new challenges for the future, with ABIMOTA continuing to invest in new areas of activity in order to follow technical progress, innovation and the development of new products and manufacturing processes.

We are the ideal partner for a competitive and sustainable future ...

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