RTE - Delivering Cycling Solutions

At RTE we have developed a quality platform in the production of bicycles.

Decades of experience circulate every day on our production lines, ensuring levels of excellence that make each trip unforgettable.

We seek and use the latest technologies, continuously optimizing our working methods.
This is the philosophy that drives our production and allows RTE to assemble more than 7.000 bikes a day.

We think mobility and sport.

Through OEM developments. Exclusive brands. Shared and rental bicycles.

We care about our customers.

Find the best solutions together with our customers.
We look for solutions to meet the needs of each client, adjusting processes and working as a team. A flexible approach that makes each project unique.

We care about our employees.

We invest in people. In the experience, reliability and well-being of our employees. They guarantee the strict standards that distinguish our production.

The TEN is:
Over 35 years of experience - in Painting and Mobility
The largest European bicycle producer - 1.2 million bicycles produced in 2019 Continuous Investment - In Technology, Process and Product Development Flexibility and Reliability - In finding the best solution for each project High Quality - On each bicycle delivered

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