ABIMOTA changed the statutes

In addition to some changes in detail, the last General Assembly held on September 28 approved some profound changes in its social structure.

The General Assembly understood that it was important to have, at the Directorate level, represented by Vice - Presidents, all the sectors it covers, Bicycles, Hardware, Furniture and the like. In this way, the Association will be able to respond more directly and objectively to the problems and challenges that arise in each of the sectors.

In addition to this aspect, ABIMOTA decided to create a statutory body, the Strategic Council, to support the Association in defining the strategic objectives that it should pursue in the medium and long term. This body will consist of a maximum of 25 persons or representatives of entities, of recognized merit and / or knowledge that can support the Association in defining the strategy that must be defined to respond to the challenges that are presented to the industrial sectors represented in ABIMOTA.

With the changes introduced, the General Assembly seeks to adapt its structure and functioning to the challenges that are posed to companies in order to respond even better and more effectively to their needs and to be able, together, to affirm the quality and innovation of the sectors that represents.

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