MATECHNICS - Master Technology Solutions, Ltd.

Matechnics - Master Technology Solutions, Lda, is a company created on February 25, 2016, dedicated to the design and construction of solutions in the area of ​​automation, robotics and the provision of industrial maintenance and electricity services.

MATECHNICS is headquartered at Rua do Facho nº115 - Perrães, 3770-059 Oiã.
Its main objective is to create innovative products, using the most current technology, creating value for the customer, enabling him to high levels of productivity.

Industrial automation is essential in all types of industry. With the acquired experience and versatility, MATECHNICS has the capacity to design and build equipment for industrialists such as:

  • Automation of production processes
  • Robotic cells
  • Surface treatment and painting equipment
  • Dosing and mixing of components
  • Air treatment and filtration
  • Greenhouses, ovens, dryers, etc.

The main customers that boosted the creation of MATECHNICS operate in the field of wind energy, more specifically in the area of ​​composites and molds for the production of blades for generators.

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