ABIMOTA has extended its training offer

Through the different business areas developed at ABIMOTA, namely the Laboratory activity, the realization of Internationalization projects, Professional Training and the rest of Associative Support, ABIMOTA has been building a close and deep relationship with its customers and associates, who, mostly, they can be grouped in three sectors Hardware, Metallic Furniture and Vehicles (assembly and components of Bicycles, Motorcycles and Automobiles).

This link between ABIMOTA and these companies, namely automotive companies and workshops in the region, will promote the identification of new skills needs that will give rise to new training actions within the domain "525 - Construction and repair of motor vehicles"

ABIMOTA, as IMT's Technical Service, identified pressing needs in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčautomotive mechanics and above all in the interface between automotive mechanics and the carrying out of vehicle inspections that are so needed to ensure road safety on the roads. In this context, ABIMOTA, has extended its training offer to the area "525 - Construction and repair of motor vehicles", in order to be able to provide training actions in this area and contribute to the increase of the qualifications of the technicians of automobile maintenance workshops. , having as its target audience both technicians who, on their own initiative, intend to carry out training actions to be able to progress in their professional career, or for employers who intend to improve the quality of services provided with more capable and more qualified employees to provide this service. type of services.

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