Miranda Factory Team won the World Enduro Championship on Electric Bicycles

The title of World Champion Enduro World Series-E 2020 is from the Portuguese team Miranda Factory Team.

The national two-wheeler sector, after being recognized by Eurostat as the biggest bicycle producer in Europe and being awarded the European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA), now holds another title, after the victory of the Miranda Factory Team.

The EWS - Enduro World Series - E 2020, is a mountain bike competition, but aimed at electric bicycles. The format of the competition is similar to that of a traditional Enduro race, but in this case the vehicles are electric bicycles.

The Miranda Factory Team team started as one of the favorites for the final race of the season, held last weekend of 19 and 20 September in Pietra Ligure, Italy.

The good performance that the national team had in the previous day, in Switzerland, allowed national athletes to face the decisive event with great expectation

Thus, the podium of Emanuel Pombo (second) and José Borges (third) in the Men's sector and a third place in the Ladies category through Maaris Meier, were sufficient for the Miranda Factory Team to guarantee the world title.

This journey had a total of nine stages - two ascent called “Power Stage” and approximately 60 km's in length. This result is historic, since in the debut of this World Championship by teams in the E-Bike sector, it represents an achievement by Miranda Factory Team in a particularly difficult year for all types of competitions.

 EWS2020 PietraLigure KAbelleira Ladeira EWS2020 PietraLigure KAbelleira Meier EWS2020 PietraLigure Pigeon

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