New ISO 8090 standard on bicycle terminology

New ISO 8090 Standard on bicycle terminology, is now available for use. The publication of this standard is a valuable contribution to the communication process between world economic agents regarding the terms used in each language for the different components of the bicycle.

As a result of the active involvement of the national Technical Commission CT103, coordinated by ABIMOTA as a Sectorial Standardization Body (ABIMOTA-ONS), this standard was published by ISO with the Portuguese language already included.

In this standard, the terminology of the bicycle components is indicated in: English; American; French; German; Italian; Dutch; Portuguese; Japanese and Chinese

iso8090 1

“From the knowledge we have, this is the first ISO standard that is published with a list of terms in Portuguese, making this standard unprecedented in Portugal, with the Duas Rodas sector making a difference in standardization.”

Once again ABIMOTA thanks all members of CT103, who made it possible to publish this standard in Portuguese.

iso8090 2

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