Workshop “Strategic Quality Tools

 DATE AND TIME 24 September 2020 • 09:00 am - 13:00 pm | 14:00 pm - 18:00 pm


Quality Management is often associated with a bureaucratic document system, which translates into an effective increase in costs. This happens when the Quality Management System (QMS) is not developed and implemented with a focus on the organization's productivity. A QMS will be oriented towards productivity when it incorporates data collection and treatment methodologies, based on recognized quality management and engineering tools and instruments. At the same time, the success of quality management is directly related to the ability to solve problems, in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

The Strategic Quality Tools allow to analyze and organize information in a visual way, supporting managers in decision making. Mostly involving the use of verbal data, they are used to structure ideas, develop strategic plans, organize and control complex projects. They are fundamental instruments to develop logical reasoning in the analysis and making objective decisions, contributing decisively to the development of people and to solving problems of medium and high complexity in organizations.


Knowing Strategic Quality Tools and recognizing the advantages in their application, either from the perspective of solving specific situations, or from the perspective of improvement.


Identify the Strategic Quality Tools and establish their scope and applicability, recognizing the advantages of their application.
Apply strategic quality tools individually or by articulating the various tools, highlighting their strong visual content and emphasizing teamwork.

Promote the improvement of quality, through the use of the appropriate strategic tools in the structured resolution of problems, as instruments of support to the decision.


A. Strategic Quality Tools - tools to structure ideas, develop strategic plans, organize and control complex projects:

1. Affinity Diagram 2. Relationship Diagram 3. Tree Diagram
4. Priority Matrix

5. Matrix diagram
6. Diagram of Decisions 7. Diagram of Sagital

B. Articulate the joint application of the Strategic Quality Tools and the complementarity with the Classic Tools, framing with problem solving methods and with the Quality circles.
C. Examples of practical applications.


Production and / or quality directors, production and / or quality engineers, process engineering, middle and senior staff, responsible for the optimization of management processes.


Gabriela Faria

Specialist in Management and Quality Assurance, in the development, implementation, improvement and auditing of Management Systems (ISO 9001 and ISO / IEC 17025) and in the application of Quality Tools, for problem solving and process improvement.
She was Director of the Environmental Analysis Laboratory for more than 10 years, accumulating the role of Quality Manager for 8 years (ISO 9001 and ISO / IEC 17025). She was Quality Manager (ISO 9001) in Clinical Pathology Laboratory for 6 years.

Develops professional activity as a trainer, consultant and auditor, focusing on Quality Management and the optimization of processes and practices, in companies in the Automotive, Plastics, Foundry, Metal Products Manufacturing, Textiles, Chemical Products Manufacturing, Commerce, Maintenance and Repair of Machines and Services. Graduated in Chemical Engineering from FEUP (1995), has a Postgraduate Degree in Quality Engineering from IEP-FEUP (2005) and Specialization in Quality Control from FFUP (2012). Certified as Quality Management Systems Lead Auditor by CQI | IRCA (2010 | 2018).

DATE AND TIME 24 September 2020 • 09:00 am - 13:00 pm | 14:00 pm - 18:00 pm

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