Portugal bicycle exports exceed 3 million unit barrier

AGUEDA, Portugal – 2022 proved to be a very successful year for the Portuguese bicycle and e-bike industry. The total export value increased by no less than 37% from €594 million in 2021 to more than €800 million in 2022. It makes Portugal the largest bike producer in Europe.

The Portuguese two wheel and soft mobility sector is in full development, and everything indicates that last year was the best-performing year until now. The export of e-bikes increased by no less than 60% was reported earlier in 2022. “However, 2023 comes with new challenges which will certainly consolidate Portugal as an international case study for the sector and beyond,” the national industry association ABIMOTA writes in a statement.

A commitment to quality

“The search for new markets and, above all, the increased commitment to competitive markets, such as those from central and northern Europe, allowed the sector to reinforce its commitment to quality and higher-value products. Besides a focus on quality, the Portuguese industry is also relying more on the production of components, making Portugal and Europe less dependent on external markets.”

Innovation and development

2022 was also the year in which the Bikinnov (Bike Value Innovation Center) was founded. This association will manage the Technological Interface Center (TIC) specifically designed for the two wheel and soft mobility sector. It intends to offer to all the companies an appropriate environment to innovate and develop their products.

The TIC intends to assert itself as a multifunctional project committed to responding to the sector’s different requirements and to be on par with the best players in the bicycle sector worldwide in terms of research and development, internally combining and developing the capacities that already exist in Portugal.

The sector continues to develop

Also in 2023 ABIMOTA continues to focus on high quality products and encouraging the development of existing companies and the creation of new high-tech ones.

Fonte: https://www.bike-eu.com/44867/portugal-bicycle-exports-exceed-3-million-unit-barrier

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