Meet Portugal Bike Value at Hall 9.0

The Portuguese “embassy”

Portugal Bike Value is participating at EuroBike, for the sixth consecutive edition in the current format. This time with ten manufacturers, representing some of the best that Portuguese two wheels and soft mobility industry has to offer. This delegation is lead by ABIMOTA.

ABIMOTA is the association that represents two wheelers, soft mobility, hardware and metal furniture, sector with the Portuguese government and promotes it abroad. Ten manufacturers are participating in Euro Bike, together with the Portugal Bike Value´s brand. There are currently 51 Portuguese companies dedicated to the production of conventional and electric bicycles, as well as other vehicles related to soft mobility. The soft mobility sector generates more than 8,000 direct jobs and more than 24,000 indirect jobs, taking into account the increase in the complexity and extension of the supply chain that we have been observing.

The Portuguese sector already exports to a hundred countries, with the main importers of Portuguese products, in order of magnitude: Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands. Portugal Bike Value´s participation in Euro Bike takes place through the ABIMOTA Portugal Fest 2020 project, co-financed by ABIMOTA and Compete2020, Portugal 2020.

In Portugal, the future has already begun

Right now some of the most advanced bicycles in the world are being produced in state-of-art plants, while a "next generation"research and development laboratory is about to be born. In Portugal the new global ref erence for technology and innovation is about to be built. The name: Bikinnov. A shared center for the industrial development of two wheeler and soft mobility, Bikinnov aims to provide the conditions for companies to be able to innovate and develop their products using the latest technology.

"The focus is on producing bicycles, but also components of the best quality and, for that, modern and competitive factories are needed as well as laboratories that allow the creation, development and testing of the best solutions and technologies,' emphasises Gil Nadais, ABIMOTA Secretary-General. Construction of this leading technology center is about to start and soon its doors will open for a wide variety of projects. These facilities will shape ideas into reality. In this way, together, we go further, in a commitment assumed by the Portuguese two-wheeler and sof t mobility sector towards a more responsible and more sustainable future.

Portugal Bike Value's participation in Eurobike takes place through the ABIMOTA Portugal Fest 2020 project, co-financed by Portugal 2020 Compete and ABIMOTA.


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