Bike Value Innovation Center to take Portugal’s industry to the next level

ÁGUEDA, Portugal – The Portuguese bicycle industry association ABIMOTA invited industry members to the foundation ceremony of Bikinnov, an organisation that will manage a new technology center CIT. A total of €20 million has been invested in Bikinnov, which stands for ‘Bike Value Innovation Center’, project.

“A key project within the Portugal Recovery and Resilience Plan is the foundation of the technology centre CIT that is accessible for all producers,” ABIMOTA Secretary General Gil Nadais told Bike Europe.

The CIT is temporarily located at the ABIMOTA headquarters in Àgueda but will soon move to its own facility which is now under construction. It will be based at the industrial zone Parque Epresarial do Casarão (PEC) of Borralha. Together with ABIMOTA, a total of 33 companies from the Portuguese bicycle and e-bike industry are participating in the new facility. They all fall under the umbrella of the Portugal Bike Value cluster.

Located near Triangle’s and Fritz Jou
To meet the conditions of subsidies, the Bikinnov consortium had to become the owner of the land to be developed. The 16,342 square meters of land acquired, next to Triangle’s Cycling Equipments S.A. and Fritz Jou Bikes Europe, was purchased from the municipality of Águeda at a preferential price of just €0.10 per square meter while the market price is €15.

“We recognise the public interest for this project, which will benefit businesses in Águeda and beyond,” underlines Águeda’s mayor Jorge Almeida, “This project fits into the investments that the municipality is making to qualify for the EU economic recovery program.” Ultimately, Bikinnov is expected to create 20 skilled jobs within the next three years.

Innovative power
The Centro de Interface Technológico will bring together the innovative power and product developments within the industry. At the same time, this testing and certification institute will enhance the position of the national industry. It can be used by all Portuguese bicycle and e-bike producers. Despite having their in-house test and certification facility, many of them still have their products tested again at ABIMOTA’s to make sure they comply to European standards.

According to ABIMOTA, Bikinnov can also serve as a lever for the domestic bicycle and e-bike industry, helping them to deepen their knowledge and industrial competencies. In this regard, Portugal Bike Value also relies on other knowledge centers such as universities and research institutes who will be involved as well.

With Bikinnov a bicycle knowledge hub is being created in which people and companies work together rather than to compete. “This is the only way to be competitive in the global market,” says ABIMOTA secretary general Gild Nadais. “Bikinnov wants to respond to the various demands of the industry and has the ambition to catch up with the best in terms of R&D. We can achieve that by combining and developing internally the skills that already exist in Portugal,” Nadais stressed at yesterday’s opening ceremony.

Taiwan served as role model
The Bikinnov facility is being set up along the lines of the internationally recognized Taiwan Bicycle Industry R&D Center back in 1992. In 2003 it was renamed ‘Cycling & Health Industrial R&D Center’ (CHC).


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