15 Feb Nieuws Portugal boosts bicycle and e-bike exports in 2021

BORRALHA, Portugal – Gil Nadais, the secretary general of industry association ABIMOTA shared outstanding export figures for 2021 during a visit of Portugal’s National Agency for Innovation (ANI). 

At Eurobike last year, Gil Nadais already hinted on the fact that the export value of ‘made in Portugal’ e-bikes exceeded bicycles. During the recent meeting in Portugal, ABIMOTA Secretary General Gil Nadias updated ANI President Joana Mendonça on last year’s e-bike and bicycle export statistics. In 2021 the total bicycle and e-bike export value increase by 39% compared with 2020. “We almost hit the €600 million threshold. According to our latest information, Portugal’s export value increase from €427 million in 2020 to €594 million last year,” explained Nadais.

2022 expectations and beyond

For Gil Nadais it clearly shows that the country’s production of e-bikes and bicycles is flourishing under the umbrella of the Portugal Bike Value initiative. “I am convinced we will even exceed the export value in 2022, although I can’t guarantee that the growth rate will remain on the same level. For the years to come, we anticipate an ongoing growth in this industry.”

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ABIMOTA in-house test facilities

ANI’s main focus of the visit was to see the extended bicycle and e-bike test facilities housed at the ABIMOTA headquarters which are made available to the members. The capacities of bicycle producers operating under the umbrella of Portugal Bike Value for the EU market were also on discussion.

Investments in innovation

ANI and ABIMOTA discussed the current situation of the Portuguese bicycle industry. The industry organisation gave an overview of its current activities as well as its future plans, which also rely on strong investments in innovation. It is expected that Portugal Bike Value will continue its growth step by step.

“We are impressed by all the industry initiatives and ideas for expansion. We have been informed of all the plans to increase the business, to introduce more innovations and to grow even more into international markets,” stated ANI President Joana Mendonça at the end of her visit.


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